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What is FEAR?

Is it just a figment of our imagination? Is it Temporary Insanity?

According to the Webster dictionary, FEAR is an unpleasant emotion caused by the BELIEF that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat!

My beliefs of the worst kind of Fear is the Fear of SELF! In some instances, you can definitely become a danger to your self! No, I’m not talking about harming oneself physically but mentally and emotionally. You know that little person in our head that renders us incapable when we are capable! That little negative person that makes you afraid to challenge your greatness! That little negative mother father that makes you afraid to leave a dead end job or relationship .

Why do we allow FEAR to become our best friend? It was once said you can’t have FEAR & FAITH! but what happens when you feel you do have faith! Is Faith enough? Or is your FAITH weak? Speaking for my self, when I allow FEAR to become my friend I must say it is because I allowed my FAITH to become weak!

We must remember that FEAR is mind over matter! Fear means to temporarily relinquish your power! It is also your POWER to take back!

Treat FEAR like Cancer kick its Ass!

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